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Stellar Infinite Energy

August is ruled by number 8. Turn it on it’s side and it’s the symbol for infinity (refer to image above). An ancient symbol for no beginning, no end, simply continuation. An eternal looping of life. Matching the energy of the astrological rulers of this month, the Leo (July 23 – August 22), representative of courage, leadership and love, and Virgo (August 23 – September 22), representative of virtuous mother, control, communication and power. These energies swirl in everyones lives as we experience this existence. Truth is, we interplay with these energies constantly and can act in clear accord with the waves of momentum with great ease if we pay attention to the interaction and energetic exchange.

To live in concert with the creative forces we consistently strive to offer excellence in space, staff and service. When we surveyed you two months ago, you gave us your genuine feedback on how to improve our organization to serve you better. We have taken your input to heart and have more plans to better serve you balanced offerings.

Effective August 1, Pure Prana is introducing a revamped Monthly Infinity Membership. Students who become members between August 1 and 31 can receive our new Monthly Infinity Membership for $80 with a three month agreement. After the initial commitment period expires, it will renew indefinitely at the same price, until the member gives 30-days notice of termination. No more repurchasing, just seamless access to unlimited yoga as long as you want it. Obviously $80 per month is a significant savings compared to $120 per month we offered for so many years.  Our intention is for you to practice more and as much as possible. We are here to serve you a healthy, happy and harmonious life, with infinite possibilities to awaken the best in you.
Please email for any assistance with your account.

We also allied with a communications company called DemandForce. You’ve already started receiving messages from them to stay in touch with our services. As you can already see, they are completely organized and effective in keeping people connected. With them, we are generating positive energy and refining our abilities to share gratitude, specials, reviews and referrals with you. You asked us to strengthen our student community relationships, to make our services super accessible and we are actualizing your wishes.

We hope you love receiving all this good news.
We are here to balance body and mind, and serve your soul and are grateful for your participation.

Infinite Peace, Light and Love,

Dates to Observe
August 4   Brother John’s 30th Birthday
August 6   New Moon in Leo 5:51 pm EST
August 20  Full Moon in Aquarius 9:45 pm EST
August 23  Sun enters Virgo

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